How to Create a Great Event Remotely

How to Create a Great Event Remotely

How to Create a GREAT Event Remotely – Webinar Games is a World Event Platform with an Artistic Original Protocol – by aNa artist

aNa artist Protocol to Create a Great Event Remotely

First – aNa invites you to reach her digital drawing tool online.

Then, you have to imagine a really simple personal drawing. You send it to aNa artist. That way, she can create a global Backdrop with everybody’s drawings.

Finally, She creates a unique digital artwork or numeric mural.

That you can share, print,… to communicate, stay in touch with your buddies.

People from all around the world can drawn under aNa artist digital workspace to be part of one of her numeric remote artwork using
Digital World Wide Mural
ana artist create Wonderfull Digital Drawing Artwork with her numeric technology online webinar games
Wonderfull Digital Drawing
How to Create a Great Event Remotely : aNa Artist now proundly welcome guests with her First Webinar Games Digital Mural Picture
How to Create a Great Event Remotely

Easy way to organize a Fantastic event or meeting remotely

aNa artist and her team can help you in two different ways.

You can work with her directly online during a couple of hours. (From 500$ with up to 15 persons)

Or if you want to involve and invite a larger group, aNa’s Team builds for you a dedicated digital workspace online. So your teammates or friends can work by themselves, whenever they want, during a long time period. (From 1000$ to create and access to your own plateforme for up to 50 files or persons – and then 500$ for the next 50 files or persons )

A Very Cool Idea

Most Important: you really need NO special skills… Just feel free to express every ideas.

This remote agile game is easy. Just have fun TRULY.

How to Create a Great and Fantastic Event Remotely by choosing your own program :

  • Team Building
  • Brainstorming
  • Integration Day
  • Security Day
  • Team Mood
  • Celebration

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