Remote Team Building

Remote Team Building – 225 French Medical and Health Care Students Create Remotely a Global Digital Mural with aNa artist webinar Games Software.

Remote Team building and World Wide Protocole

aNa artist invites people from all around the world to be part of her artistic’s program.

For such purposes as:

  • Team Building
  • Brainstorming
  • Integration Day
  • Opening
  • Celebration
  • Birthday
  • Wedding

People express their own point of vu by using her online software. You send her your personal drawing answering a question.

Then she creates a Global Digital and Virtual Artwork everybody share.

You can even order a printed copy to expose or offer.

Séminaire Intégration en Télétravail fresque aNa artiste Animation Séminaire Integration étudiants étudiantes médecine université Lyon 1

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