World Wide Team building

World Wide Team building – Digital Remote Team building Online Virtual Activity – Collaborative Artwork done Remotely Collaborating with aNa

Dedicated Program

aNa opens a dedicated online session.

You reach your online tool anytime you want.

Program needs you to answer a few questions only by drawings.

Your own Collaborative artwork

Everybody share his own work and drawings with aNa artist from all around the world.

So she can create a global world wide artwork using all together.

Fresque collective SERL Groupe Exercice Cohésion en Télétravail à distance avec aNa artiste pour webinar games

Decorative Element and Goodies

What a surprise when aNa reveals her artwork.

Idée Animation Digitale Team Building Virtuel Fresque en Télétravail à Lyon et dans la France par aNa artiste pour

And after that, you can order a global huge printing or even small and original goodies.

Fresque Noir et blanc ana artiste réalisée lors d'une séance d'Activité Team Building Digital Créatif Télétravail Lyon avec webinar games

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