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Action Art and Social Art Artist.

aNa Artist is an Action and Social Artist who feeds from the confrontation with her audience. Thanks to her artistic approach she shows the contemporary art as an accessible area and wants to engage in a dialogue between culture, art, popular and business structures by creating participatory artworks.

Her background has allowed her to acquire an open-minded perspective essential to her main artistic will: bring Art to everyone. This is also why she became a Digital Artist.

aNa Artist – New York City Collaborative Mural

Building Together a Master Piece of ART.

« My main goal is to provide a very special experience and to involve people into the building of a collective master piece witch will highlight the participant’ skills. »

aNa Digital artist

aNa Artist – London Team Building

aNa Artist’s Innovative Concept : The Paint’Tube

The Paint’Tube her innovative concept, came into life in 2006. 

aNa Artist Live Painting Plexiglass “TUBE”

It offers a real original support: a transparent plate rolled as a giant tube. The participants must interact directly on this particular and specific support. They take part in creating a mural by sticking adhesives, cutting concrete or abstract forms. Thanks to an elaborated protocole all participants are softly guided so they can imagine what they want.

They express themselves and invent freely in a climate of confidence, allowing them to create an essential backdrop for the artist. Actually, aNa inside the cylinder interprets the forms simultaneously. She lets the drawings come to her and paints them with her brush dipped in black ink.

aNa Artist Artwork During an International Corporate Birthday Celebration – Paris France.

“At the center of the artwork, I try to immerse myself in each drawing, to magnify it, to transcribe it, to emphasize it, to transform it, to marry it to its neighbor. I remain attentive to the world outside my bubble, and I laugh, I create, I feed on everything I can see or hear, and the maieutics is no longer a pain but becomes a shared pleasure with my co-llaborators.”

aNa Artist

Street Art Portugal

A real unique performance

aNa Artist Social Art – Khartoum SOUDAN

World Wide Art

The Paint’Tube has been tested by thousands people. Thanks to a long process of research, field experience, and creation, its size and protocole has been changing to turn it within everyone’s reach. The main goal keeps still the same for aNa Artist’s team: provide a singular artistic experience.

Bigger and BIGGER

One of aNa’s big wish is to be confronted to different cultures, so she has been travelling around Europe, America, once in Soudan Africa but she also wants to keep her work sustainable. 

Now with the Covid 19 issues, aNa Artist and her team wanted to find a new solution so they can still provide a special experience remotely.

That is how …

they created Webinar.Games

aNa is now fully blooming as a Digital Artist.

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