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How to Create a Collaborative Digital Artwork

Online Protocol and Technology by aNa artist’s Team.

FREE and PRO plan.

ana artist create Wonderfull Digital Drawing Artwork with her numeric technology online webinar games

How to Create a World Wide Collaborative Digital Artwork with aNa artist 24/7

Total Time: 30 minutes

  1. Go to Webinar Games Website

    Simply sign in to access to aNa artist digital webinar technology

    Register on and reach your digital drawing tool.

  2. aNa’s Drawing Software

    Digital Fun Remote Brainstorming : You can reach and use aNa's Webinar drawing software to create drawing you send her to be part of her international mural project

    Find out how to use your personal software space to create by yourself.

  3. Create a picture about what’s in your mind

    aNa's Webinar games Digital Pink Heart Drawing sketch

    Please Create a simple Drawing with digital tools to answer aNa’s question or subject. DON’T FORGET to fill out you shapes with plain colors. PLEASE NEVER USE BLACK.

  4. Now! Submit Your Creation to aNa

    As soon as your drawing is done you have to save it as before sharing with aNa to integrate her worldwide webinar's digital art mural

    First Save Your Drawing on your computer, tablet or phone, and then send it to aNa

  5. aNa Includes your Picture Into a Global Worldwide Mural BackDrop

    aNa artist create a mural back ground with worldwide creation from any contributors

    aNa artist adds all drawings in a large frame feed with everybody’s ideas and creations.

  6. aNa Imagines an Original Unique Worldwide ArtWork

    You can have a webinar instructor or coach managing your team remote event from everywhere in the world

    As soon as the frame is fully Completed with people’s submissions, aNa uses it as a creative Backdrop to Build an Universal Digital Mural.

  7. Share with Everybody and Comment

    aNa artist manages artistics and creatives Webinar Workshop for team building, brainstorming, celebration, opening, …

    When she’s done, you receive a notification, so you can share and comment both your work and aNa’s result.

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