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Digital artworks – Webinar Games – Remote Event Artwork

Digital Artworks – Online Artwork

Digital Technology used to create a FREE Collective Mural with Friends, Family, Teammates, Students.

webinar collaborative artwork by ana artist and group during corporate remote event
Webinar virtual mural

Available on :

  • Computer
  • Phone
  • Tablet

aNa Artist

Welcome to my Art.

For the welcome to my Art project, I would like to have your digital contribution in my Artwork.

To take part in the experience you will just have to create a shape by using my drawing application. (please see the user guide)

You can draw a concrete figure or an abstract symbol, you are free to imagine whatever you want related to the subject.

However, you will have to follow a few rules so the project can be done in a harmonious way.


when you will be creating your contribution, I would like you to think about :

What is in your Heart ?

You can share your mood, feelings by using smooth or protruding drawings, light or vivid colors. 


You also have to fill out all the drawings with colors, I need plain forms, NO OUTLINES !


Please just DO NOT use Black, this is the only ban. I will be using it so that is why you can’t otherwise your lines and my lines will mix.

When you are done

Just save your creation and send it to me !

As soon as I get it I will integrate it into the backdrop.

Just listen to your Heart and it will guide you for sure !

Together we will build an international collective Artwork that will make us feel proud of ourselves!

No virus, no border, no distance can prevent us from being together in creation regardless of our country, origin, age, social class, profession…

To be part of the “Welcome to my Art Project” please feel out the form bellow:

I can’t wait to receive your creations!