Virtual Artistic Team Building

How to Organize Virtual Artistic Team Building.

Virtual Artistic Team Building – Webinar Digital Mural – aNa Artist Protocole experimented by Book a Street Artist – Remote Team Building – How to create together Remotely?

How to do Team Building Virtually ?

Firstly, you guys need either an artist or a coach.

Secondly, your team needs to share the exact same protocol.

Finally, working together, your teammates and the artist should build a very super cool virtual memory.

Sample of a Virtual Artistic Team Building Backdrop build by aNa artist with drawings online
Virtual Artistic Backdrop
aNa artist create original Virtual Art and mural using online tools during team building events and brainstorming
Virtual Art
Black and White drawing by aNa artist from a Virtual Mural Team Building done with and a german team
Virtual Mural

Super Fun Activity

aNa artist provide a creative virtual team building super fun activity for remote teams and families.

Using a dedicated online tool, you create a virtual digital team painting. You can request for a Quote directly from aNa. (From 500$ with up to 15 persons)

Or you can book her with our partner

World Wide Team Building

You also can reach This Online Office games from home. Because you can connect by your computer but also your phone or tablet.

This remote agile game is easy. You do not need special skill. Just have fun SINCERLY.

You can choose different programs :

  • Team Building
  • Brainstorming
  • Integreting Day
  • Security Day
  • Team Mood

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